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"Illustrations by  Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis for Dance Anonymous' Petra:
The Awakening of Myth, which premiered in September 2004 in Cyprus."


Petra: The Awakening of Myth is 1hour and 45 minutes long.  We have skillfully intertwined characters from the Greek Mythology (Aphrodite, Hades, Pandora’s Box, Orpheus …) with the present time and the result is a contemporary story that deals with issues that are universal and eternal. Even though it is a contemporary story we have made it into a fairy tale where the humans are helped by the gods and chased by the monsters. A vibrant union of the ancient Greek spirit with the simplicity of today.

Aphrodite's face Aphrodite's dress

Pythia's face

Pythia's dress

The Furies


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